2021 Manistee Life Chain Rally Report

October 3rd, 2021;

It was raining hard. While walking to the event location, I was thinking nobody would show up in this deluge. To my surprise there were some people at the corner of river street and US 31. I walked up and spoke with an elderly gentleman, whom I later found out was one of the organizers for the event. Due to my forgetting to bring a notebook, I am unable to provide many names or details at this time.

What I can report is over 50 people showed up with various pro-life signs. Despite the rain, and car driving close to the curb in order to splash the demonstrators, the event carried on. I was told that this was actually a better turnout than they had last year, and this event was happening nationwide at the same time.

These people were quite friendly. One was concerned that if the unborn can be aborted at any stage of a pregnancy, it may become acceptable to euthanize the elderly. I was told this is already happening in some countries. Another demonstrator talked about how many people she knew are looking to adopt. The event appeared to end with the singing of Amazing Grace, and the demonstrators heading to the Faith Christian Church at 55 division street for some pizza. I took my leave of them and began the long walk home in the rain.

On my way back, I bumped into Jann in front of the Nu 2 U resale store on river street. She was quite upset with the pro life people, and mentioned women's physical health and mental wellbeing being a serious concern for non-viable pregnancies. She believes the unborn become human once they have a heart beat and brain activity, but not before that. She also doesn't believe it's ethical for people to force an unwanted pregnancy, and create babies who won't be loved.

You can find more about the nation wide life chain events by visiting their website, lifechain.org

~Christopher Shilts

Editor in Chief of Manistee Speaks


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