Nichole Bromley wants to set the record straight about downtown Manistee parking:

Please don't come into the Gold & Silver Exchange using foul language in front of our customers. If any more “friends” of Lindsey Swidorski say we are causing the problems, please note we never had an issue with anyone for over 10 years, before Lindsey started this. See the picture included in this post which we received from a FOIA request.

We received a $190 ticket for parking beyond the yellow line while unloading our car. We were bringing in gifts and food for a young man who was shipping off to the DMZ in South Korea. The Judge made it clear that nobody under any circumstances can block a yellow. Judge said in fact, “never ever”. This means no dining tables and no deliveries. A permit cannot break the law. So Mrs. Swidorki’s vindictiveness only hurt her.

~Nicole Bromley