My Return

February 5th, 2023
By Christopher Shilts

Last year I got discouraged by the lack of progress promoting this site. Despite standing around town with my sign on many occasions, this publication barely has any readers, and only a handful of people have ever written in on the forums. I was in last year’s Fourth of July Parade with the Manistee Speaks sign, and not one person wrote in afterwards.

And so I shifted my attention to running for city council. I got to attend two candidate forums and answer a lot of questions. Overall I had a lot of fun. I didn’t win, but I did get 559 votes, which was a lot more than I expected.

Since then, I’ve been focusing on developing a video game. Hopefully it will be out by spring, and I can plug it here. Sufficed to say this has been a long endeavor which is now beginning to bear fruit.

I’m trying to get back into writing once in awhile on this site. My hope has always been that people would come here and submit their own letters for publication. Most of the editorials I write take at least a weeks’ worth of research. I have no idea if they are useful to anyone, because I don’t get feedback from the public. I really would like to hear back from my readers, if only to let me know I’m not yelling into the void.

I’ve also become more upset with how screwed up the world is than usual. Some nights I have trouble sleeping due to various events. The war in Ukraine, Great Replacement, Grooming of Children, Senior center’s new gay sign, and MARJDI posing as the moral authority of Manistee are some of the things troubling me. I want the constitutional republic I was promised, not this “Our Democracy” nightmare we are living through. No doubt I’ll feel compelled to write more on some of these subjects in the future. Sufficed to say I feel cheated, and alienated.

Politics has estranged our people from each-other. Even families are being broken up, with children turning against their own parents in the name of current year’s truth. Whatever we call today’s truth, will likely be tomorrow’s lie. I’m not interested in this foolishness. I yearn to discover eternal truths.

I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery.


~Christopher Shilts
Editor in Chief of Manistee Speaks


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