Manistee's Gay Welcome Signs

April 19th, 2023
by Christopher Shilts

I’m writing about a subject I have lost much sleep over. Many a time when I tried to go to bed, I was plagued by the knowledge that there are forces in Manistee trying to fundamentally change the character and demographics of our town.

No doubt many of you have seen the gay sign in front of the Senior Center. What you may not know, is a group calling themselves the Manistee Area Racial Justice and Diversity Initiative, or MARJDI for short was invited by the Senior Center’s leadership to place their sign near the entrance. When I inquired about putting a sign advertising Manistee Speaks on the grounds, I was told that wouldn’t be allowed. And yet a homosexual sign promoting is prominently displayed near the entrance of a facility that is supposed to serve senior citizens in our community regardless of their religious beliefs or politics.

And what about this organization? Go to their website sometime, and you’ll see stuff like this plastered all over the place:

“We periodically present events, webinars, and other opportunities to educate ourselves and our community about issues of racial justice and anti-racism work, Native American history and experience, Black history and racism in our area, and the experience of LGBTQ2IA+ individuals in our community.”

“We collectively understand that offering a Land Acknowledgement does not absolve settler-colonial privilege or diminish colonial structures of violence, at either the individual or institutional level…”

They have also placed their signs on billboards coming into town, and plan to place more along the entrances to the Manistee River Walk, beaches, and parks.

These are public places that exist for the benefit of the people of Manistee and our visitors. They should not be used to ram a political message down our throats, nor indoctrinate the population with globo-homo propaganda!

What the hell is wrong with everyone?! Are we such a pathetic, cucked people, that we think this is the image we want to promote of Manistee? Why isn’t there a push to diversify historically Black, Hispanic, or Asian communities in this country? Why are White people the sole target of “Diversity and Inclusion” initiatives?

These people and their organization do not speak for all of us. I reject the notion that they are the moral authority of Manistee. Many of them are outsiders who moved here and began working toward making our peaceful town into a reflection of the violent cesspools they came from. I am truly sickened by their supposed good works, which are detrimental to Manistee’s historical White population. If they have their way, Whites will eventually become a hated minority in Manistee, as we are in so many other places we built for ourselves and our posterity.


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