European American Heritage Month

July 1st, 2023
by Christopher Shilts

According to the U.S. State Department, there are at least 6 months of every year dedicated to the celebration of certain groups of people. These are as follows:

  • February: Black History Month
  • March: Women's History Month
  • April: National Arab American Heritage Month
  • May: Jewish, Asian, Pacific Islanders, and Native Hawaiian American Heritage Month (they get to share)
  • June: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Pride Month
  • Also June: Caribbean-American Heritage Month, and Immigrant Heritage Month
  • September 15 - October 15: Hispanic Heritage “Month”

Repeated ad-indusium is a celebration of “diversity and inclusion”. Well, I must say, it seems they didn’t include the largest group of all, you know, the one that built and defended this country with their blood sweat and tears. I am of course referring to European-Americans.

Our inventions alone are too many to count. If you’re reading this on your computer or phone, you are using electricity developed by European-Americans Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. If you ever got relief from a hot day by electric air conditioning, thank Willis Carrier. If you or a loved one got their hearing back thanks to hearing aids, praise Miller Reese Hutchison. And let’s not forget how many people owe their lives to William B. Kouwenhoven for inventing the defibrillator. This is but a small list of European-American contributions to humanity.

Our greatness isn’t limited to inventions. European-Americans have produced a rich cultural heritage that includes the writings of Samuel Clemens, the compositions of Samuel Barber, the films of George Lucas, and the orations of Abraham Lincoln.

Among our ranks are men like Daniel Boone who was responsible for the colonization of Kentucky, Aviators like Charles Lindbergh who flew the first nonstop flight from New York to Paris, and Robert Peary who is credited with being the first man to reach the North Pole.

We have had great warriors far too numerous to list. Browse through the pictures of medal of honor recipients sometime and you’ll see allot of European faces staring back at you. Many of these men where awarded posthumously, having died of their wounds in service to our country.

Our folk deserve a month to be honored. A time to celebrate our enormous contributions to America, and the world as a whole.

I say that time has come!

Therefore, I proclaim the month of July to be European-American Heritage Month!


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