Ukraine Conflict Origins

Mar 28th, 2022
By Christopher Shilts

During the 20th century, the Ukrainian people suffered through a civil war, the Holodomor, and World War Two. Today they are enduring another terrible tragedy, one I and millions of others had hoped to never again see on European soil. How did this happen? No doubt you’ve heard various things from the American Empire’s propaganda machine about evil Russian war criminals, and Putin going mad. There’s so much propaganda coming out of the Potomac Regime that I’m not even going to try and document it here. Instead, I intend to present you with an alternative viewpoint.

I’ve been trying to understand the mess that is Ukraine for months, and it feels like I’ve been getting lost in rabbit holes. Some clarity was brought by John Mearsheimer's 2015 presentation entitled “Why Ukraine is the West’s Fault”. I won’t pretend to understand the full context of this war, but it’s not some black and white struggle between the forces of democracy and dictatorship so many would have us believe. For starters, The Russian government has long stated that NATO assured them there would be no further eastward expansion toward Russia. Whether or not this was an actual promise, the fact remains that NATO consisted of 16 member countries at the time. After the Soviet Union fell, NATO membership expanded to include 14 more members, bringing NATO to the border of the Russian Federation. President Putin has also stated that NATO’s goal is the breaking up of Russia.

Prior to 2014 the Ukrainian government was on friendly terms with Russia. Then came the bloody Euromaiden Protests, and Maiden Revolution. This revolution fractured the country into pro and anti-Russian camps. The Russian speaking people in Crimea and the Donbas found themselves facing an increasingly Anti-Russian government in Kiev. That same year, Crimea seceded from Ukraine via the Crimean status referendum, and was annexed by Russia. Donetsk and Luhansk also declared their independence in 2014, but were not afforded the protection of Russian Annexation. Ukraine responded by sending their military to the Donbas, beginning what would become known as the Donbas War. Every effort to stop the fighting failed, with both sides accusing the other of multiple cease-fire violations.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Oligarchs were organizing Neo-nazi groups to act as their enforcers. The common foot soldiers were conned into believing they were fighting against international Jewry, when in reality some of their biggest supporters included the Jewish Oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi, and the State of Israel. Ukraine’s Jewish president has also cultivated a relationship with these groups.

As a nationalist, I wanted to like Azov, and these other organizations that claim to be fighting for Ukraine’s people. But I’ve seen too many video’s of them brutalizing the civilian population, and heard too many reports of them being little more than enforcers of the same Jewish power structure they claim to oppose. I further fear that these groups serve as a trap for patriotic European men who are against the great replacement. Instead of fighting to liberate their countries from an openly hostile elite, they are killing patriotic Russian soldiers and being killed by them. In short, they have become part of a brother war which so many nationalists like myself swore we would never fight.

In Mariupol there have been numerous reports of atrocities committed by the Ukrainian military, and especially Azov. Wherever you look for interviews with refugees who managed to escape the city, they say much the same thing. That Ukrainian soldiers have used them as human shields, and even shot civilians who tried to get out. These refugees also claim the government abandoned them, and the only help they ever got was from the Russians. One such refugee is Lena, who reports how Azov terrorized the civilian population during the siege. You can watch her testimony at 22:37 into the following video.

I believe Ukraine could have avoided this conflict. Prior to the invasion Putin made his demands known. Pledge to never join NATO, recognize the independence of the DPR and LPR (Both of which Kiev lost in 2014), and denazify. The Kiev Regime has not only refused to say they won’t join NATO, they actively pursued membership knowing full well that this was a red line for Russia. Just days before the invasion, Putin told the Russian people that NATO’s activities inside Ukraine was a knife to the throat of the Russian Federation. He further elaborated in a February 24th address, where he said the very survival of the Russian Federation is now at stake, and the red line has been crossed. If you want to understand the Russian position on the war, I believe this speech is worth watching.

In short, the Ukraine conflict is far more complicated than the mainstream media would have you believe. I encourage you to do your own research before joining the chorus cheering on the Kiev regime as it drags the country down with it. I don’t believe Zelinsky is a war hero, if anything he’s a war criminal who should answer for the needless death and destruction that’s happened on his watch. As president he is supposed to be responsible for protecting the people of his country, not bringing them to ruin on behalf of foreign interests.

They say a picture says a thousand words. I can think of none that better sum up the so-called democracy in Ukraine:

Christopher Shilts
Editor in Chief, Manistee Speaks


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