Was January 6th an Insurrection?

Jan 6th, 2022
By Christopher Shilts

I’m sure you’ve heard the establishment’s account of the “capital insurrection”, and attack on “Our Democracy”. But have you heard the other side of the story? If not, read on!

Before going into details on what happened on that fateful day, I think it’s only appropriate to reflect on the political violence that was running rampant in cities throughout the country during the previous year. Homes and businesses where firebombed and looted during what the corporate media enthusiastically calls “mostly peaceful protests”, resulting in billions of dollars in losses. And citizens who dared say that “All Lives Matter” where murdered by terrorists for exercising their first amendment rights. The federal government, and corporate media both showed enormous tolerance for the lawlessness, with democrat party members even praising the “protesters”, basically equating them with the civil rights movement of the 1950’s & 60’s.

Then came the presidential election in November. Millions of citizens went to bed believing that President Trump had won re-election, based on the poll count. When they woke up, what seemed like certain victory in many states had been turned around. President Trump stated that there was massive fraud, and began to pursue the legal avenues available to him to stop what I believe to have been a coup against him, and by extension the Republic. On December 2nd, 2020, the president came on national television with a presentation intended to prove there where massive irregularities in multiple swing states- enough to have swung the outcome from himself to his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. I was watching this at the time, and he was cut off, with a network spokesperson stating in essence “the president is a liar, his claims are baseless”.

The events surrounding the election seemed extremely suspicious to millions of citizens. And so the president called for a rally to be held on January 6th, in Washington DC, to “Stop the Steal”. No doubt anyone living in “current year” has heard a great deal about the “insurrection”, and “attack on our democracy” that took place that day. But how many readers have heard about the many anomalies that took place?

I’ll start by summarizing some of the information available in an article by Revolver News. On both January 5th and 6th, a man named Ray Epps repeatedly told protesters that they need to go “into the capital”. This man was later caught on camera, appearing to lead a team of people in breaching the outer perimeter fence near what is called the Peace Monument. This group pushed the police back, while others removed fencing and signs that warned people not to trespass on the grounds. Later when the main rally group arrived, they found the entrance to the capital grounds unguarded, with music welcoming them in. Without the protective fencing and warning signs, those grounds would have normally been open to the public, so naturally many rally goers assumed they where not trespassing. Another man known as the Scaffold Commander, accompanied by a small group, took over the media tower behind the capital steps. From this vantage point he would direct the crowd with a bull horn for nearly 90 minutes, urging people to keep moving forward in order to put more pressure on the capital police. Ray Epps is later seen appearing to talk to capital police officers guarding the steps, and comes back to tell people that the police have agreed to let them onto the stairs. Later when the capital was breached, the Scaffold Commander urges people to fill up the capital. According to Revolver News, neither Ray Epps, nor the Scaffold Commander have been charged for their roles.

There are numerous other suspicious things about this event, many of which you can find here. Among them is a statement by Congressman James Clyburn (a Democrat), who believed the capital police where complicit, some even aiding the demonstrators in gaining access to the building. This allegation appears to be substantiated in this video.

Initially much was made of people dying during the “assault on our democracy”, particularly police officer Brian Sicknick. Later much confusion emerged, and the public cannot be definitively told if his death was related to the “riot”, or natural causes. We do know that there where at least 4 suicides by capital police officers following the events of January 6. There where also 4 rally goers who died that day, including a white female air force veteran named Ashli Babbit, who is believed to have been shot dead by Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd- a black man. Had the races been reversed, I have no doubt there would have been numerous protests, and possibly even riots over it.

To date, over 700 people have been charged in the capital “insurrection”, or as I used to call it, the patriotic uprising against tyranny. After this research, I’m starting to suspect the thing was a plot by the federal government. If one asks who benefits, it certainly wasn’t the people who traveled from all over the country to make their voices heard, and urge their elected representatives to safeguard an election they believed was being stolen via unprecedented fraud. If anything, the so-called riot achieved the opposite. After the demonstrators had been driven out, and congress resumed the certification process, formerly defiant Republican Senators all but gave in, offering no resistance after Arizona, except in the case of Pennsylvania. Had this demonstration not occurred, it seems likely to me the senators would have offered stiffer resistance, possibly bringing new evidence to light that would de-legitimize the election. Instead this supposed attack united the government with a call to “save our democracy”.

Christopher Shilts
Editor in Chief, Manistee Speaks

If you're wondering why I keep putting "Our Democracy" in quotations, give the below video a watch:


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