Waukesha Terror:

November 23rd, 2021
By Christopher Shilts

On Sunday, November 21st, 2021, the city of Waukesha, WI was having a Christmas parade. The streets and sidewalks were filled with people celebrating with their families. The happy occasion was swiftly turned into a nightmare, when a red SUV smashed through a police barricade, sped through the street, and ran over dozens of people- killing at least 5 adults, injuring more than 40 others, including 18 children, of whom 10 where put into an intensive care unit. Shortly before publishing this article, I have read that one of the children have died. Others will be maimed for life. The suspect has been arrested by police. His name is Darrel Brooks, pictured below with what appears to be the murder vehicle:

As of the writing of this article, there have not been hate crime or terrorist charges pressed against the suspect, despite his long history of hate filled post on social media, and rap songs which promote racial violence against white society. I have even reached out to the NAACP last night for comment, so far I haven't heard from them. Nor do they appear to have made any public statements about the massacre. I cannot help but think if the races had been reversed, we would have protests all over the country demanding an immediate hate crime / terrorism investigation. Not only are there no such charges, the usual suspects in the corporate media were trying hard to frame this as an accident- repeating a debunked story that Brooks was fleeing a knife attack. Given the enormous volume of evidence to the contrary, they have finally given in and admitted the attack appears to have been deliberate, but I have yet to see them mention his Anti-White posts on social media. Tonight's CBS evening news was sure to promptly run the Arbery trial immediately after the massacre story.

This gives more strength to the conviction I, and millions of others in this country have, that European-Americans have become second class citizens. Even when our children are murdered by members of other races, the corporate media usually papers over it, or dredges up some white on black murder from years ago to run on the same program, or refuses to bring up possible racial motivations- instead choosing to frame the murder(s) as the result of a mental health problem, or some random act of violence that had nothing to do with the victims’ race. But on the extremely rare occasion that a white person kills a defenseless black, the media and government officials are whipped up into a frenzy, assuming it’s a hate crime before they barely know anything about the case. They even went nuts over a white kid allegedly smirking at an Indian despite nobody being physically harmed.

In a few days, tens of millions of Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving with their families. The same cannot be said for the victims or their families in Waukesha. They will be enduring the anguish caused by this massacre, many of them carrying the pain of it for the rest of their lives.

~Christopher Shilts
Editor in Chief, Manistee Speaks


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