Is Covid 19 a Pandemic?

December 2nd, 2021
By Christopher Shilts

This is, like most editorials, an opinion piece written by the editor. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease.

If this is a true pandemic, then it’s been very poorly handled, not just by the American Empires’ establishment, but the World Health Organization as well. On December 31st, 2019, Taiwan began trying to sound the alarm. Chinese Communist Party officials denied that there was anything wrong for weeks, actively trying to cover up that anything had happened. The leader of the WHO ignored Taiwan’s pleas to look at this new virus, preferring to take the word of the CCP that everything was under control. The CCP later locked down Wuhan Province, preventing people from leaving it- that is except for international flights out of China. Chinese new years came, bringing travelers from China to other countries. Soon the CCP Virus was found in Italy, and numerous other countries.

Dr. Fauci told American’s that they didn’t need to wear masks. Later he changed his statement, insisting that masks are effective. When asked why he said they were not, he stated that he lied in order to protect the supply of masks from being bought up in a panic. That same month, the Trump Administration put out the call for construction companies to donate unused N95 and better respirators to hospitals- the response was an enormous outpouring of donations. Contrary to Fauci’s pessimism, the American people could be counted on to do the right thing if asked.

Masks were later mandated in many states, including here in Michigan. These mandates come and go, with various opinions as to their efficacy. What we do know, is nothing shy of a N95 respirator will be effective in preventing the wearer from catching viruses. We also know that many respirators and masks use bi-valves, letting exhaled air leave without passing through a filter, and thus offer practically no protection to anyone other than the user. So, what good are cloth masks, or any kind of mask that’s inferior to a N95, in the context of preventing the spread of the CCP Virus? In theory they prevent water droplets from spraying when people cough, sneeze, or talk loudly, but one only needs look at the below video to see an obvious problem- the air isn’t all filtered by the mask unless it’s a very good fit. Furthermore different masks have different levels of efficacy at filtering out even vapor particles for Electric Cigarettes, which appear to be between 250 and 450nm in size. The Covid-19 virus by contrast has a size of approximately 100nm. We still don’t have rules for what kind of masks people should wear in the workplaces and schools, which leads me to suspect mask mandates are about compliance rather than prevention.

I was going to go over vitamins, minerals, and various medications which might be promising in the prevention or treatment of Covid-19. But I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t know more than the folks at Harvard, so here’s an article by them on the subject. Also, if you have an open mind, consider reading Doctor Simon Gold’s white paper on hydroxychloroquinine. One other worth mentioning is Gliricidia sepium. I don’t know for sure, but it seems very likely that there are more than one effective treatment for any given virus to be found in the natural world.

We were asked by various government officials to help buy time for a vaccine to be developed. And so people stayed home when not at work, didn’t see their friends and family, even postponed weddings; and in some cases were not allowed to attend loved one’s funerals. Eventually we were told a vaccine had been developed, using a new technology called MRNA. This technology was never approved for use before covid, and millions of citizens are skeptical as to its safety and efficacy, despite the assurances given by the corporate media and government officials.

I remember the corporate media and officials were telling us all we needed to do was get 70% of the population vaccinated and the pandemic would be over. The definition of “fully vaccinated” may change to include the booster shot, which will likely be followed by several more. I suspect we’ll have one pandemic after another from now on, regardless of whether or not a substantial portion of our population is dying.

Warning: Statistics Ahead!

The Spanish Flu (1918-1920) is estimated to have killed somewhere between 17.4 and 100 million people. The 1910 UN estimate for world population was approximately 1.75 billion people. By 1920 that figure increased to 1.86 billion. Using the 1910 number for a conservative estimate, the Spanish Flu killed between 1 & 5.7% of the world’s population over a span of 2 years and 2 months. Covid-19 reported deaths are at about 5.2 million people globally ,with a high estimate of 21.6 million, after a time span of 2 years. Of the roughly 7.7 billion people alive in 2019, between 0.0675 and 0.28% of them are reported as killed by Covid-19. Using the highest Covid-19 death figures against the most conservative Spanish Flu one (I’m trying to tilt the scale in Covid’s favor), the current pandemic is about 1/3rd as lethal as the Spanish Flu. Comparing highest estimated Covid deaths against highest estimated Spanish Flu deaths, we find that the Covid-19 Pandemic has been about 1/20th as lethal.

But why only look at the world? The United States population in 2019 was about 330 million. According to the CDC, total U.S. Covid-19 deaths are about 780,131, or 0.236% of the population over a course of two years. Drilling down further, Michigan’s 2019 population was estimated to be around 9,986,857. Of this, approximately 25,798 people supposedly died of Covid-19, or 0.258%. Manistee County’s 2019 population was estimated at 24,558, with an estimated 47 covid deaths - 0.191% of the population. So on average Covid-19 supposedly killed about 0.1% of Manistee County’s population a year (meaning an average residents odds of dying from Covid-19 in a year are roughly one in a thousand, if age and pre-existing conditions are not taken into account).

Here’s a write up about death in 2020 by the CDC, I hope it will help readers make an informed decision as to the severity of this pandemic, and how best to cope with it. Based on the 2020 data, Covid-19 overwhelmingly effects the elderly vs the young, with persons aged 34 and younger less than 1% of the Covid deaths. People over 75 by contrast account for 59.5% of the deaths.

So, what’s with the lock-downs? And why the draconian vaccine mandates, where people are forced to choose between loosing their jobs, or taking a “vaccine” that they don’t trust? Perhaps they have good reason not to. Why have people’s civil liberties been suspended around the world, with Australia leading the pack for the worst police state award? I’d especially like to know why the un-vaccinated are treated like plague carriers by the vaccinated, when the latter group is supposedly protected from a virus that kills less than 2% of the people who are confirmed to have it. Of those who died (with covid) in the US, the CDC says about 95% had on average 4 other “conditions or causes of death”. Furthermore, because many people are asymptomatic, we don’t know what the true case lethality level of this virus is- but it’s highly unlikely to be anywhere near 2%.

I have to stop writing sometime, and this is as good a place as any. If you’ve made it this far, I’d like to hear your opinions. You can either submit them as a letter to the editor, or post on the forums.

Christopher Shilts
Editor in Chief, Manistee Speaks