November 8th, 2021
By Christopher Shilts

If there is one thing that defines our current zeitgeist, it’s a fervent support for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity - at least by the elites and public institutions. So, what are these people actually talking about? Let’s try to unpack it.

First of all, there’s diversity. What kind of diversity is being sought after? Certainly not diversity of ideas- many thoughts are heretical on both sides of the political isle. Diversity of human features? Not really, because Europeans have some of the most diverse features of any race, including eye and hair color. But diversity isn’t about cosmetics.

European Diversity

Prior to the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, “Whites”, made up around 90% of America’s population. Today, that figure is down to about 58%. The 2020 census revealed that my people are actually shrinking in physical numbers. By bringing non-Europeans into this country by the millions, my peoples’ political and cultural hegemony is being destroyed. This may even bring about the eventual extinction of our people- spiritually if not physically.

What about Inclusion? This ties directly into Diversity, and often is used interchangeably with it. The more Diverse America becomes, the louder the demands for including non-Europeans into every aspect of our lives. But it’s not just about including outsiders in our institutions, or even our communities. In the name of “Inclusion”, Europeans are being discriminated against in college admissions (Asians too), Employment, Promotions, and in some cases fired to make way for non-Europeans. In today’s double speak, “Inclusion” actually means exclusion.

The last leg of this death tripod is Equity. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed. Its stated goal was to promote equality of opportunity between the races. But it quickly became apparent to millions of people that it was also about forced integration, regardless of the wishes of the people. The freedom to associate as we wished was stolen from us, in the name of civil rights and equality. Even private clubs couldn’t be left alone if they were “too white”. Affirmative action further worsened this violation of free association by forcing business owners to hire non-Europeans in order to meet their quotas. Many of my people have stories about being passed over for employment or promotion, while a less qualified minority got the position so as to not run afoul of affirmative action laws. This is not only an injustice to members of my race, it also puts America at a competitive disadvantage against countries that prioritize merit over quotas.

Today, equality of opportunity has morphed into equity- otherwise known as the demand for equality of outcome. If in any way non-European outcomes are judged to be inferior to European ones, then the only acceptable explanation for the difference is discrimination, which must be compensated for by taking resources from Europeans and giving them to non-Europeans. This is a grave injustice, robbing what one people toiled for to give to another. If this is to be even a remotely honest process, then non-European groups who do better than Europeans in some way should have their resources confiscated and handed to Europeans, to achieve equality. But this will never happen- partially because our leaders don’t like to admit that there are numerous cases in which Europeans actually do worse.

Of the top 25 billionaires in America, about 48% of them are Jewish (despite Jews making up about 2% of the countries’ population). There is also a terrible silence on white Deaths of Despair. And nobody seems to care that African-Americans dominate various sports such as Basketball and Football, nor that the African race in general dominates the 200 meter runs at the Olympics (frequently there are no non-Africans present in the finals).

So, why the silence about these things? Why are Europeans being picked on exclusively, with demands that they share the wealth they worked for, and what limited political power that remains to them? Why are we constantly told that our communities are “too white”, or that our institutions need more “diversity”? I think what we are really being told to do, can be found in the initials of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.

~Christopher Shilts

Editor in Chief of Manistee Speaks.


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